In the current political unrest and humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela, children and young people are the most vulnerable, paying the highest toll.

In such a protracted crisis, children suffer from hunger, thirst and limited access to health care. We are witnessing a staggering increase in infant mortality and HIV infection, while diseases like measles and diphtheria are reappearing.

With the current nationwide power blackout, the situation is escalating quickly and is life-threatening for many children and adolescents. So far, 80 children died in hospital for lack of electricity.

I welcome the European Parliament decision to adopt a resolution on the emergency situation in Venezuela at the next plenary.

Given the escalating humanitarian crisis, I believe that the European Parliament should take a strong stand now for children rights. I therefore urge the Venezuelan Government to:

Ensure that all children and adolescents – including those who have been reportedly arrested – are treated in full compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and that their rights are upheld;

Ensure that all children have access to health care, medicines and food;

Ensure access to humanitarian aid in and throughout Venezuela for people in need, and particularly children;

Ensure the protection of children and adolescents everywhere and at all time, and refrain from violence against children, including during demonstrations.


Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEP

European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Right

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