Putting child rights at the heart of EU action

Following the success of the Child Rights Manifesto campaign that took place during the run up of the European Parliament (EP) election 2014, the EP created an Intergroup on Children’s Rights. The Intergroup members work across key EP Committees to promote the interests and well-being of children everywhere. The Child Rights Manifesto was launched by a coalition of child-focused organisations committed to ensuring children’s rights are promoted, protected and fulfilled across the EU’s work. To date, more than 100 Members of the European Parliament have pledged to become child rights champions in the Parliament through signing the Child Rights Manifesto. This website showcases the work of the EP’s Intergroup on children’s rights and the efforts of the Child Rights champions.

It is managed by a coalition of 18 child-focused organisations who are responsible for the Child Rights Manifesto and it is supported by the Intergroup’s Co-chairs offices.

These 18 child-focused organisations have written the Manifesto and are running this campaign: